Gold, Presidential Volunteer service award

Jade's Purpose:

Raised by a single mother for more than 10 years and losing so many family members, including her father, to drug use and addiction, she found her path.  Jade advocates for :

  • Girl Power

  • Healthy Living

  • Drug Prevention 


In 2017 she took her step-father's last name and began more healthy life patterns including losing 40 lbs. 

Jade is an old soul who is often referred to as a Grandma. She has been inspired to learn to cook during quarantine to continue her healthy living.  Watch Jade learn to cook on "Grandma Jade's Kitchen" and her hilarious adventures.

She is a Student Ambassador for the "Start Talking" program where she features drug facts & interviews on her YouTube channel, Jade Eilers. She is also 1 of very few young people In the Ohio Youth- Led Prevention Network  that advocates to lawmakers nationally and organizes the "We are the Majority" rallies reaching thousands of youth annually.  Additionally she is partnered nationally and globally with other drug prevention alliances including the Partnership for Drug Free Kids in NYC and the Foundation for a Drug Free World where she was just featured at the United Nations speaking on behalf of youth all over the world.  She is invited back to the UN in 2021 to receive the Gold, Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her activism and to speak again on International Drug Prevention Day.


As a National Presenter, she is magnifying her message through her Ted Talk called, "Goody Two Shoes."  She is teaching young people to respect and value themselves by making healthy choices & SAYING NO to substances and wants you to join her to be drug free!

HONORS for Advocacy:

  • Resolution from the House of Representatives

  • Resolution from the Senate

  • International Drug Free Hero Award

  • Prudential Spirit of Community Award

  • 2020 ADAPAO Youth Excellence Award

  • Presidential Volunteer Service Award

  • La Sertoma Volunteer Service Award/Scholarship



  • Reaching Hundreds of Thousands to take the Drug Free Pledge through:

    • 20 presentations with audiences ranging from elementary students, middle and high schoolers, wellness fairs, youth conferences, Rallies, Girl Scouts, mental health groups, political officials, religious leaders and dignitaries at the United Nations

    • 15 News interviews

    • 5 Podcasts

    • Thousands reached on Social Media

  • Helped pass Tobacco 21 in Ohio

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Steered Straight
Talent (also see "Acting Resume" tab under "More"):
When Jade was 3, she asked her mom how she could get inside the TV.  And now she has her own YouTube channel.
At 5, she started making people laugh with her Steve Urkel impression and the rest is history! 

Jade sings, dances and acts with several accents and some that are sure to make you giggle.  She has great comedic timing and is fun to work around.  You can find her around the state of Ohio as a Super Hero or Princess with Party Princess Productions.

In her spare time Jade works part time, loves traveling, baking, online shopping, doing makeup, watching funny tiktok's and watching her favorite shows on Netflix.  

She plans to pursue Communications and represent Latina women in News and Politics.

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