Gold, Presidential Volunteer service award

Jade's Purpose:

Jade has found her purpose modeling healthy choices & advocating for drug prevention after losing family members and loved ones to drug use.  She is a Student Ambassador for the "Start Talking" program where she features drug facts & interviews on her YouTube channel, Jade Eilers. She is also 1 of very few young people In the Ohio Youth- Led Prevention Network  that advocates to lawmakers nationally and organizes the "We are the Majority" rallies reaching thousands of youth annually.  Additionally she is partnered nationally and globally with other drug prevention alliances including the Partnership for Drug Free Kids in NYC and the Foundation for a Drug Free World where she was just featured at the United Nations speaking on behalf of youth all over the world.  She will be going back to the UN in 2021 to receive the Gold, Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her activism.


As Miss Ohio High School America 2020, she is magnifying her message through her Ted Talk called, "Goody Two Shoes."  She is BOLD & BRAVE while she promotes Building Our Lives Drug free (BOLD) & Building Respect and Values for Everyone (BRAVE).  She is teaching young people to respect and value themselves by SAYING NO to substances without fear of being bullied or teased and wants you to join her to be drug free!

HONORS for Platform Work:

  • Resolution from the House of Representatives

  • Resolution from the Senate

  • International Drug Free Hero Award

  • Prudential Spirit of Community Award

  • Gold, Presidential Volunteer Service Award



  • Reaching Hundreds of Thousands through large scale events, news articles, podcasts, special events and social media

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Talent (also see resume tab):
See Jade in Respite Care, the movie, as the lead's younger self!

When Jade was 3, she asked her mom how she could get inside the TV.  And now she has her own YouTube channel. At 5, she started making people laugh with her Steve Urkel impression and the rest is history! 


Since then, she has had multiple years of dance training, acting & singing classes, been signed by Heyman Talent where she was cast as the Lead in the Mead Trapper Keeper, Bounce House Commercial.  She has been a part of over 20 stage productions.  And, she was cast as the Lead role of Beauty in Beauty & the Beast at Town Hall Theater as well as the Lead in the Aliens Are Coming at Watts Middle School.  In her Junior Year at Centerville High School, she was the female lead in the Cactus Flower and she was cast as Princess Aoda in Around the World in 80 days using a British accent.  She has been honored with multiple "Best Actress" awards. 


She continues advanced training locally and through coaches from LA.  She also trains through the Musical Theater/Acting Preparatory Program (MAPP) at Wright State University.

Jade sings, dances and acts with 5 accents (Jersey, Indian, British, Southern and a Cartoon voice that is sure to make you giggle).  She has great comedic timing and is fun to work around.  You can find her around the state of Ohio as a Super Hero or Princess with Party Princess Productions.

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